Second Chance Employment Program 

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Equal Opportunity

Spiritual And Mental Growth 

Frequently asked questions:

What Services Second Chance Offer?

– Jobs for Life training

– Mentors commitment for two years

– Human resources development training

What are the Requirements for Enrollment?

– Willingness to make positive change

– Completed application

– Personal interview

What Training Should I Expect?

Life skills

– Developing character

– Balancing work and family

– Handling roadblocks

– Connection to community resources

Employability skills

– Job assessment and preparation

– Job search and resume development

– Communication and interviewing

– Assistance with job resources

What Will I Receive Upon Completion?

– Graduation ceremony

– Certificate of completion

– Letter of recommendation

A Community Helping People

Atlanta, Ga. Clayton Co, Fulton Co, Dekalb Co,

About The 2nd Chance Program…One thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead…Philippians 3:13

Mission: Our mission is to help break the cycle of crimes by working with ex-felons in a loving and structural environment that provides the necessary time and community resources to become more productive well balanced citizens.

Overview Second: Chance is a program designed to promote the mental, physical and spiritual development of each participant and empowers them with love, respect, forgiveness and faith through the meaning and significance of Christian values.

This program offers Jobs for Life classes that encourage positive self concepts, practical life skills for daily living, and ways to overcome roadblocks. In addition, employability training is offered by the Human Resources Development of Atlanta Ga. Community Participants are required to complete a classes to earn a certificate and a letter of recommendation for possible employment.

Second Chance Program is a Nonprofit organization that assists male and female and ex-felons, regardless of ethnic background, who are re-entering society after incarceration and have demonstrated a willingness to make positive changes. Many are dealing with the pain of having been separated from their families in addition to not having the resources to sustain themselves. Second Chance Program connects these men and women to community resources to rebuild lives through employment and positive change.

Second Chance Program is funded through Fulton County and private donations from community businesses, which are minimal.


  • to decrease the number of ex-felons who become homeless and unemployed eventually repeat of crimes
  • to assist ex-felons in obtaining employment and managing finances so they may be re-establish a positive self-sufficient lifestyle
  • to reunite ex-felons with their families and teach them the life skills necessary for daily living through counseling and training services
  • to assist with continued education (e.g., GED, additional computer training)