Founded in 2002, One Step Of Faith Ministries Incorporated addresses the growing need for churches to model reconciliation in a racially divided society. Since then, the spirit of God as well as our leader and founder, Senior Pastor Curtis Bankston, have led us in nourishing our spirituality. Our pastor was blessed with a vision of God to help the lost that they might be found through Christ.

Pastor Bankston was blessed with a beautiful, strong-minded first lady named Sophia Bankston, who is a great visionary. Through the grace of God, she launched an outreach foundation that helps the less fortunate.

Our Pastor’s Biography

Senior Pastor

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Curtis Bankston is a biblical scholar and arguably one of the greatest visionaries and orators of this generation. He graduated from the NBI in 1986 where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Furthermore, he was named by the College of Business as the “Student of the Year.”

In his youth, Pastor Bankston was a member of the Spring Hill Baptist Church where he served, was baptized, and received the Holy Ghost. At the age of five, he joined the youth choir. By 10 years old, he was leading the adult choir. He, later on, joined the youth deacon board. At the age of 14, he joined the United House Of Prayer Church Of God In Christ where he was a good servant.

Pastor Bankston then heard the call of the Lord over his life and answered it at the age of 16. He was ordained youth pastor until he was ready to become a pastor. Many of his flock came to Christ.

Seeing the life-changing experiences of the people under his leadership, he founded a gospel group that took him to parts of the world he never thought he would visit. He went to Germany, Italy, and all parts of the United States singing and ministering. Through his journey, he witnessed many people being saved by Christ.

An Academe

A dynamic preacher and social activist as well as an avid reader, Pastor Bankston focuses on researching the methods of the Civil Rights Movement. He plans to translate the methods into a modern-day strategy for social justice and racial reconciliation.

A Man of Music

Pastor Bankston is also a songwriter of more than 25 songs. He is the founder and owner of Inspirational Heavenly Airs. The group is committed to producing and distributing Christian songs and CDs that make a difference in the academic, social, and ecclesial arenas.

Bringing People to Christ

Since accepting his call, Pastor Bankston has shown a significant record of helping people live with confidence. He encourages individuals to develop and maintain a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. The pastor is a community leader, leading the church with the highest percentage of life in:

  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Clothing the Naked
  • Housing the Homeless
  • Helping the Brokenhearted Find a Way out Through Christ

Meet the Pastor’s Wife

Pastor Bankston is married to the love of his life, First Lady Sophia Bankston . They serve as the executives of One Step Of Faith Outreach Ministries Incorporated, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Together, they are committed to developing and reconditioning families back into the workforce and helping young leaders from minority populations.

The First Lady’s mission is to help broken families. She has worked very hard in finding ways to change the lives of those who have been displaced, helping restore and rebuild their lives as changed individuals. If you are homeless, she will not stop until there are resources to shelter you and get you back into the workforce. Meanwhile, if you are hungry, she will go out of her way to feed you.

More About the Pastor

Pastor Bankston is a man who loves the Lord and loves to help others. His motto in life is, “Live God, Love God, Follow God; and in all things, stay the course!”​